I’m so grateful to this company

I’m so grateful to this company, that sent me such a great helper. I really appreciate it. I’ve had the same caregiver for 1 year and she comes to my home 6 days a week. My caregiver Caridad has never been late nor has she ever missed a day. Anything that I’ve ever asked of Caridad she’s done it, no matter what she will do it. Ashley Vocaturo and Angie Henry conduct spot checks periodically. Angie accompanies Ashley, because Angie is bilingual and my husband is Spanish speaking. The fact that this company has a bilingual Staffing Coordinator and bilingual caregiver’s is wonderful! I rate this company 5 stars and the greatest in Lee County. My husband and I were referred by the Veteran’s Administration and they do not refer “just anyone”. The VA is very particular with whom they refer their client’s to. Thank you Heart, Body & Mind Home Care for all that you do!

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