Healthcare Providers

Find resources here for you and your patients.  Our agency offers Healthcare Providers a unique selection of presentation resources and guides for staff, patients and families.  We believe that by leveraging the skills and capabilities of home care services upon patient discharge, healthcare providers in Hospitals, Physician Groups, Rehabilitation Facilities, SNFs, Assisted Living Facilities and Home Health Care Agencies can reduce readmission rates by providing a patient-centered care continuum with a lower total cost of care.

Educational Presentations

Acute Hospitalization and Alzheimer’s Disease

pp iconA Special Kind of Care
If you’re a nurse or other hospital employee, learn how to care for people with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. Find techniques that work.

Understanding Memory Loss

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This presentation reviews the difference between mild forgetfulness and more serious memory problems and the causes of memory problems and how they can be treated.

Private Duty’s Role in Transitional Care: Avoiding Unnecessary Hospital Readmissions

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Nurses, discharge planners, physicians and hospital decision-makers will explore issues surrounding preventable readmissions, educational considerations for a successful care transition and private duty home care’s role within the continuum of care.

Alzheimer’s Awareness: Understanding the Signs for Alzheimer’s Disease Means

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Decoding Dementia, Delirium and Depression
This essential presentation explains the basics of Alzheimer’s disease and possible alternative memory problems such as dementia, delirium and depression.

Brain Health

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This presentation is designed for senior centers and other community settings to educate older adults about factors that impact brain health and how to keep their brains healthy.

Talking with your Doctor

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Help for older adults to make the most of their doctor’s appointments and communicate effectively with clinicians using this easy-to-use presentation.

Maintaining Independence at Home

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Learn how seniors benefit from feeling independent and how to promote independence with products and technology and solutions that private duty home care offers.

Safe Use of Medicines

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Practical tips to make sure seniors and others are taking all of their medicines the right way. Examples of how other older adults practice medicine safety.

Diet and Nutrition: Overcoming Obstacles for Good Nutrition

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Explore solutions to common difficulties including trouble chewing, upset stomach, loss of appetite, difficulty shopping and/or cooking and get tips to bring joy back to mealtime.

Healthcare Provider Referrals

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Making patient referrals prior to discharge to a dependable full service private pay home care agency such as Heart, Body & Mind Home Care will allow your organization to:

Improve patient outcomes

A continuum of care approach allows for smoother transitions between care providers, better patient outcomes and for the majority of care to be delivered in the home.

Improve the management of patients with chronic diseases

We have an extensive supply of disease-specific educational materials targeted to encourage family involvement in care, including more than 50 family caregiver video training modules.  Our Family Learning Center helps family members understand and monitor the condition of the disease and be active, knowledgeable participants in their loved one’s continuum of care.

Have better patient care compliance

Through continuity of care, patient education and medication reminders, Heart, Body & Mind Home Care, ensures improved patient care plan compliance.

Reduce incidents of hospital readmissions

Heart, Body & Mind Home Care can help patients immediately upon discharge and provide the needed support in collaboration with skilled service agencies. Trained staff can track critical issues and take action quickly to prevent exacerbation of an illness or condition.

Healthcare providers benefit from referrals to a private duty home care agency by:

  • Facilitating a patient-centered approach among a continuum of health care providers.
  • Improved patient care compliance and outcomes.
  • Prevention of post-discharge complications and avoidable readmissions.
  • Improved communication of patient care information.
  • Ensuring that the patient and their family have a good care experience.