Wellness Services – Chair Yoga for Balance, Fall Prevention and Better Health

Regular physical activity is a first line of defense against falls and fractures. Activity such as yoga and tai chi strengthens muscles, increases fl... Read More »

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Who is a Cancer Survivor?

Most Cancer Survivors Are Over 65 A cancer survivor is anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer and is living today. Because of... Read More »

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Staying Active As You Age

Make Exercise a Habit Once you've started exercising, it's important to keep going because physical activity needs to be done on a regular basis to p... Read More »

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Act F.A.S.T to Prevent Irreversible Damage from Stroke

Hundreds of thousands of individuals across America will experience a stroke this year. Still, despite the fact that stroke is the third leading cause... Read More »

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Family Solutions: The Family Learning Center® Morning Blend on Fox 4 TV

Fox 4's Morning Blend spoke to us about what family can do to get informed on different conditions. Our Family Learning Center® has the latest infor... Read More »

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